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Sandor Ferenczi Study Group

SANDOR FERENCZI was a devoted follower of Sigmund Freud and, at one time, the heir apparent to the leadership of the International Psychoanalytic Society. However, for nearly a century, his writings have languished in libraries due to the politics of Freud’s inner circle. In recent years, his brilliant, innovative thinking has been rediscovered and is undergoing a renaissance: his prodigious contribution to modern psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic thinking is at last being recognized.

In preparation for the upcoming Sandor Ferenczi conference to be held in Toronto from May 7th to 10th, 2015, we will be meeting to discuss his papers and those of contemporary commentators on his work. All meetings will be held in ROOM C8 at ST. PAUL’S UNIVERSITY on Monday nights beginning at 6:30. The room has been reserved for every second Monday beginning on September 8th, but frequency will be decided when the group meets in September.

For further information please call 613-233-0042 or email .

We look forward to seeing you.

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