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Film Program 2015 / 2016

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Film Title: Whiplash
Director(s): Damian Chazelle
Film Origin: USA
Film Release Year: 2014
Andrew wants to become an ace jazz drummer. He worships Buddy Rich. Fletcher is the professor who drives him to succeed – by hurting and humiliating him. Fletcher worships Charlie Parker and is looking for his replacement. Do sadomasochism and ambition belong together?
Screening Time: Fri, 2015-11-06 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Rosemarie Krausz

Film Title: Highway
Director(s): Imtiaz Ali
Film Origin: India
Film Release Year: 2014
An abduction of a bride that goes wrong. The anxious couple – victim and kidnapper – bond in a playful relationship as they traverse the deserts to the mountains to escape the evil within and authorities without. But can they?
Screening Time: Fri, 2015-12-04 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Diamond Allidina

Film Title: Dead Man
Director(s): Jim Jarmusch
Film Origin: USA
Film Release Year: 1995
William Blake – the accountant, not the poet – is mortally wounded in a gun battle. He flees the bounty hunters who would kill him and meets Nobody, the person who may help him face his inevitable death, yet be spared annihilation.
Screening Time: Fri, 2016-01-08 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Robert Northey

Film Title: Clouds of Sils Maria
Director(s): Olivier Assayas
Film Origin: France/Germany/Switzerland
Film Release Year: 2014
A veteran actress comes face to face with an uncomfortable reflection of herself when she agree to take part in a revival of the play that launched her career twenty years earlier. This film depicts the ruthlessness of the generations when time and nature decree that the first must secede to the next.
Screening Time: Fri, 2016-02-05 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Mary Eleanor Yack

Film Title: The Manchurian Candidate
Director(s): John Frankenheimer
Film Origin: USA
Film Release Year: 1962
A captured platoon of Korean War G.I.s somehow end up at a ladies’ grade club party. Or do they? Major Bennett Marco can’t remember. Searching for answers, he discovers threads of a diabolical plot orchestrated by the utterly ruthless Mrs. Iselin, and involving her war-hero son, her senator husband and a secret cabal of enemy leaders.
Screening Time: Fri, 2016-03-04 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Sue Baxt

Film Title: Force Majeure
Director(s): Ruben Ostlund
Film Origin: Sweden
Film Release Year: 2014
This icily disturbing family drama is set in a ski resort in the French Alps. A threatened natural disaster leaves a family physically unscathed but psychically scarred. A panel of two psychoanalysts wii present thoughts of differing perspectives.
Screening Time: Fri, 2016-04-01 19:00
Discussant: Panel (TBA)

Film Title: Harold and Maude
Director(s): Hal Ashby
Film Origin: USA
Film Release Year: 1971
Profoundly alienated by his mother’s options for his life, Harold is a young man obsessed by death. Repeatedly he acts out suicide to get her attention. He becomes intrigued, and then very attracted, by the elderly Maude, who has been so close to annihilation that she welcomes life as a gift in a spontaneous and impetuous way.
Screening Time: Fri, 2016-05-06 19:00
Discussant: Dr. Andre Gagnon

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